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Captain Jack's Airboat Tours in Everglades City, Fl

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29.8 Miles from the Marco Island Terminal - 37 min. drive

 200 Collier Avenue, Everglade City, FL 34139


Captain Jack's Airboat Tours

Just about everyone who visits Florida is curious about our alligators. You can find them in the freshwater canals, golf course ponds and in just about any body of freshwater (and sometimes in saltwater). If you’re looking to get up close and personal with some of our local gators, then it’s best to let a professional show you the way. Including an Everglades tour is a great way to compliment the wide range of Marco Island activities. 

Captain Jack’s Airboat Tours are a great way to see alligators and have a unique experience flying across the water in the Everglades. You’ll not only see gators, but the Everglades are also home to unique birds, fish, reptiles and mammals, including the endangered Florida Panther.  All of the tours feature 2-way headphones, so that you can ask questions and get valuable information about the wildlife habitats you'll be experiencing.  Let me tell you from experience, these things do make some noise! 

If you have a group that is going you might then want to get a private tour, so you can all experience the wonders of the everglades. Beyond that there are three main types of tours available: Grasslands, Mangrove and Swamp Buggy Tours.  The first two take you onboard the regular airboats for a wild ride through the two predominant habitats.  The first, Grasslands gives you first hand look at the River of Grass that is the Everglades. The Mangrove tour takes you through the twisting, winding mangroves, home to many specie of birds and is a nursery for fish, crabs and many many more. Finally the Swamp buggy tour, gets you up off the ground, riding high  so see everything else that doesn't live on or under the water.

After the airboat tours, stick around for see the alligator show with one of their experienced handlers. You can even hug a baby gator!

Captain Jack's Airboat Tours

200 Collier Avenue
Everglades City, FL 34139
Phone: (844) 326-2628


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