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Can You Do Key West And Be Healthy? It's Easy If You Do It Smart!

Updated on: Mar 15, 2021 6:35:40 PM

Healthful Key West

The Duval Crawl has its allure for visitors in need of a wild and crazy live on the edge experience. Bars and pubs and parties and music, adult silliness and shenanigans.

The island is a virtual melting pot, concocted with every imaginable….. and some unimaginable personalities, characters and colorful uniquely diverse cultures.

While one might consider Key West to be comparable to a tropical Caribbean version of N’awlins Bourbon Street populated by the ghosts of infamous pirates, flamboyant eccentrics, authors, playwrights, poets and presidents, it is in fact a place of great social open mindedness, peace, tranquility, flora and fauna, revitalizing salt water, sunshine and sultry scented sea-mist air.

If your body is a temple and you’re seeking a rejuvenating, cleansing, healthful “ohmmm” escape and retreat from your day to day reality this just might be your magic ticket.

Whether you are centered by inner peace or a lover of travel, adventure and new experiences…. but want to be sure that you’re wholesome health conscious lifestyle is not jeopardized by your perception of an island of wild and wanton debauchery…. FEAR NOT! Your well being is not only going to be safe and sound, it will revel and rejoice in an island of veritable refreshing salubrious and pleasantly nourishing atmosphere.

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Some who walk among us possess the innate ability to maintain their chakra while others require motivational assistance and direction to find the delicate balance for wholeness of mind and body.

To best help you plan a journey that fulfills your need to renew, refresh, rejuvenate, spiritually uplift, or simply maintain your good smart living while exploring paradise we’ve got a treasure trove of ideas for a perfectly personalized Key West Experience.

Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to stick to healthy food choices at home when we’re not faced with a plethora of tempting culinary options and the beckoning smells of sinful gastro-garbage designed to lead us astray. Even the most dedicated and strong willed have the inclination to throw caution to the wind while vacationing.

Sooooo, our earthy crunchy, well grounded, sound minded, fit bodied friends…. While some of us are playing roulette with our arteries, brain cells, blood pressure and even, regrettably, reputations we are here to serve and protect you from the evil that lurk and lure the weak among us!

Things to do in Key West

To begin your journey our first helpful “peace” of advice is; please leave your vehicle behind. This very special, lushly landscaped (with rich air as a result) island is a pedestrian locality. Take the Key West Express which deliver hundreds of guests daily and help protect our earth from global warming and acid rain due to the noxious emissions produced by our vehicles.

We live on a planet saturated with chemicals, plastics and synthetics but we’re getting better. Many Key West properties have gone green and the list continues to grow. Minimizing water waste, guests reusing linens and towels, eco-friendly cleansers, conserving energy and using energy saving devices, eliminating disposable products, using locally sourced & produced organic products and strict recycling are some of the conscious efforts being made in consideration of our home planet.

Currently some of the most eco-friendly accommodations and top-ten traveler rated TripAdvisor green properties include;

Eden House 
Ocean Key Resort 
The Gardens Hotel 
Ambrosia Key West 
Andrews Inn and Garden Cottages 
Grand Guesthouse 
Travelers Palm Inn 
The Banyan Resort 
Double Tree Resort by Hilton 
Fairfield Inn and Suites 

Okay, so we’re in Key West. We’ve selected a wonderful eco-friendly B&B!

Feed the body, feed the mind….

According to visitor reviews Key West is one of those places where it is not hard to find good dining choices for those who respect and treat their bodies as they deserve. You don’t have to search hard for vegetarian and vegan places because so many options include healthy choices on their menus.

Santiago’s Bodega is another treasure chest for a delightful selection of tantalizing tapas, soups and salads to satisfy your desire for indulgence while respecting the machine.

Banana Café, while French and decadent, do accommodate vegan and vegetarian diners with a variety of temptations including a vegetable pesto risotto with asparagus, peas, spinach and green onions, wild mushroom ravioli, crepes, quiche, veggie burgers and a variety of salads.

Date & Thyme This café and market with the motto “Eat Well, Live Well”Date+ThymeStackedWeb is undoubtedly a favorite among the discriminating for shopping organic, whole and natural. The market, open 7 days a week offer fresh organic produce, non-gmo groceries, supplements, body care, books and more…. A one stop for all your healthy fulfilling needs. Stop in for a RISE & SHINE BAGEL made with cashew cream cheese, tomato, and avocado, on a plain whole wheat bagel and a CITRUS C SMOOTHY with Banana, mango, pineapple, ginger and orange juice, browse the books and pick up groceries while your ISLAND BURRITO or SPICY TEMPEH WRAP is put together for a lunch to go!

Sugar Apple Café and Market is a vegan’s island dream come true. sugaraplogoThe market, not lacking in essentials offer wonderful selections of natural, organic, non-gmo, fresh and healthy products. Owners and staff of Sugar Apple actually educate customers about the healing ability of proper good nutrition, dietary supplement plans and wellness. The Café is a true and complete vegan restaurant. No hunting and pecking around the menu for one or two items as they’ll all meet your dietary requirements, and make your taste buds happy. Positive Kitchen Chemistry!!

The Café Whether you are a conscientious eater or simply a foody food junky, The CafeThe Café has it going on! The menu is highly creative, meals beautifully presented, friendly comfortable atmosphere, local art, and too many 5 star reviews to count! They’ll not only meet your personal dietary needs, they'll excel. Portions are large and fresh, made to order and expertly seasoned. This is a great option for a group with varying preferences. Few visitors go only once. Many have returned…. more than once in a day!

Moon Dog Café is a popular place and uber busy location by the Hemingway house.Moondog_Marker_pic-1 The atmosphere is fun and funky, Key West quirky and quaint. Even has a ping pong table and dart board for guests entertainment. The menu is casually sophisticated with a nice number of plates for the health conscious, but even the most strong among us will be hard pressed to resist the pastries. They are positively gorgeous works of sweet culinary art. Honestly, if you are going to allow yourself a treat before heading to Body Zone for an extra hour, sample something at Moondog that you’ll remember in your dreams!

Keep Fit In Key West….

Body Zone  Since 1985 Body Zone has been the go to for visitors and *Conchs Body Zone Key West(islanders born on Key West). No reason why your island vacation should monkey wrench your routine. Owner, Calvin has worked hard to see his vision come to life as visitors, members, friends and family will attest. Open every day with highly qualified trainers, passionate staff and hands on owners ready to help get and keep you in the Zone.

Key West Fitness Center, located at 725 Caroline Street is convenient and offers a LOT of classes! Hours will fit every schedule, so no reason or excuse will work…. Listen to your body, be good to it you’ll be rewarded with the knowledge of your strength of will!

Yoga…. Peace in Paradise

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Easily found on the island regardless of how you practice the ancient spiritually influenced meditative art. If yoga is your method for physical, cerebral and spiritual balance there are a variety of special island options. Yogi visitors have come to enjoy the ability to meditate, practice their Asanas and Pranayama on the lovely beaches. There is something intrinsically therapeutic in the rising and setting of the sun over the ocean that can powerfully influence ones reflections.

Key West Yoga Sanctuary 
Shakti Yoga 
Yoga On The Beach 


Worldwide waters healing properties can both soothe and invigorate, from mineral springs to white water rapids. The salty warm waters of Key West provide both luxury and exhilaration!


Photo Credit: Fury Water Adventures

The island is riddled with eclectic art, entertainment, history, shopping and great local culture however one of the most beautiful features are the clear aqua waters and the abundance of ways to enjoy it.

From fishing, swimming and sailing to scuba, snuba and snorkeling both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic waters beckon. Parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking & canoeing and paddle & kite boarding are a few more of the many ways to explore and experience!

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