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Food Trucks in Key West: A Delicious and Affordable Way to Eat

Updated on: May 9, 2023 1:49:50 PM

Here we go aging ourselves reminiscing about those old canteen trucks from the 1950's that were on army bases, mobile luncheonettes providing affordable food to blue collar workers outside their place of employment, street food in small push carts offering casual fare, snacks and fast food items on city street forward to 2009 and this ever growing, popular, swanky gourmet version of the canteen.  

Key West's thriving food truck scene offers everything from classic American to Caribbean cuisine, do yourself a favor and try a little bit of them all!  These fun, unique trucks are often located in different parts of the island, you can easily find one that's close to wherever you are and then walk off some of this deliciousness by traveling from one to another :) .

We cannot pick just one but, here are a few:

  • Garbo's Grill: This Air Stream is known for its delicious Umami burgers and fresh fish (of course, its Key West) tacos. 

    Garbos Grill Food
  • One Love Food Truck: They are known for serving up authentic Jamaican cuisine; including jerk chicken, rice and peas, and plantains.  Their burgers are pretty good too! Selections are loaded with island flavor with generous portions.
    One Love Food Truck Burger
  • The Blind Pig: Permanently located at The Gates Hotel.  Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, this fun truck offers a variety of comfort foods, including mac and cheese, grilled cheese  and milkshakes. 
    The Blind Pig
  • Pescado: This truck, which also claims the current title of  " Best Food Truck in Key West ", serves up fresh seafood dishes, including fish tacos, shrimp tacos, and lobster rolls. It has limited hours so get there at 11:00AM opening so you don't miss out.
    Pescado Key West - Pulled Pork

Here are a few tips for enjoying the food trucks in Key West:

  • Be prepared to wait in line, especially during peak hours. 
  • Bring cash, many food trucks don't accept credit cards.
  •  Don't be afraid to experiment by trying new and different cuisines that could just become your fast favorite. 
  • Have fun! Food trucks are a great way to enjoy a casual meal with friends and family. So relax, enjoy the atmosphere and have something delicious, that you just can't find anywhere else.

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We hope this has given you some ideas for where to find delicious food truck goodies in Key West.  You won't be disappointed!

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