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Key West Welcomes Visitors Back After Hurricane Irma

Updated on: Feb 18, 2021 6:40:01 PM

It has been a few harrowing weeks in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.   Through the kindness of friends, strangers, neighbors, first responders & utility workers, everyone has united to make Key West whole again.  On October 1st, Key West officially reopened to welcome all to this island paradise.  

Video Credit: FloridaKeysTV

On October 5th, we resumed our service with pleasure as we welcomed  visitors, tourists and those that had fled to the SW Florida shores back.  All of this, just in time for Fantasy Fest

Then, on October 12th, we had an interesting request. Some folks had come to the dock to see if we could take a "package" to Key West.  Now normally and under regular circumstances, we would have turned the request down. But, after one of our local sheriff deputies took a look, we thought we better put it on-board!  The "package" turned out to be the iconic "Welcome to Key West" sign, that had been presumed lost in the storm.  It was an honor to take possession of this sign that greets all of those entering Key West, by land along US Route 1 and bidding adieu to those departing.    Upon arrival in Key West, the sign was delivered to the Rotary Club of Key West , who had originally donated it, at what just happened to be their regularly scheduled monthly meeting. What a surprise .....

Key West Sign-765978-edited.jpg

Photo Credit: Key West Express

Key West, which is made up of a little bit of all of us. Young and Old,  eccentric and not so much, artistic and those that love the arts.  All came together to help put our little island paradise back together and made whole again.

Come see for yourself what makes Key West a one of a kind destination.

Hero Image Photo Credit: David Ovalle, Miami Herald

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