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Rock Out at the Florida Keys Underwater Music Festival

Updated on: Aug 27, 2021 7:46:19 PM

Fabulous funky fun ONLY IN THE KEYS.   About 30 miles north of Key West is Looe Key, where they host the annual Underwater Music Festival. Yes, you read that right UNDERWATER...  Ok, granted that no one is really playing an actual instrument but, jamming to your favorite watery favorites with homemade replicas typically fish or shell based by design. 

Generally scheduled the Saturday after July 4th along the barrier reef that is part of the formation of the largest reef system in the United States, festival organizers use one of the many sandy areas as to not damage the fragile coral reef.   This also serves as an entertaining opportunity to promote the serious message of reef protection, responsible diving and other uses while being respectful of this environmentally delicate ecosystem.

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Music is piped in via special underwater speakers and everyone rocks out to the likes of Jimmy Buffett's "Fins", "Octopus' Garden" by the Beatles and even the theme to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Video Credit: FloridaKeys TV via YouTube

Spectators can float by in snorkel gear and enjoy the antics as well.  The waters here are shallow at 20 to 30 feet with amazing water clarity.  You might even run into a lost mermaid or two that have been lured here by the melodious goings on.

Folks gather at the Mote Marine Laboratory on Summerland Key for the short ride out to the reef.  This educational experience is punctuated with information about diving awareness and ways to minimize our impacts on these sensitive environments that exist the world over. 

Information can be found at the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce website.

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Hero Image Photo Credit: Florida Keys News Bureau

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