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Spectacular Places to Watch a Florida Sunset

Updated on: Feb 25, 2021 7:42:00 PM

Like snowflakes, no two sunsets are ever alike. There is no shortage of places around the world to watch our favorite star sink beyond the horizon, igniting the sky with radiant hues that cast magic over the surrounding scenery. However, whether you are overlooking the ocean from beach, pier or boat….Florida offers some of the most spectacular places to view the vibrant range of colors that infuse the sky and shimmering sea – perhaps with a green flash, if you’re lucky.

Video Credit: FloridaKeys TV

Naples Pier

Photo Credit: Piqsels
The Naples Pier is well-known to locals and tourists alike for being an excellent place to watch the sunset. Its open concept gives visitors the ability to view the sun from almost any angle. With benches along the sides and end of the Pier, visitors can get comfy while capturing beautiful photos of the setting sun. You may also bring chairs so you can sink your toes in the sand on the beach while the sun sets on the horizon. The snack shack offers a limited food and drink menu for those who may get hungry or thirsty.  (25 12th Avenue South, Naples, FL, 34102 | 239-213-3062

Things to do in Key West

Fort Myers Beach

Photo Credit: Piqsels

The beaches in the Fort Myers area are full at sunset. Some watch in reverence as the sun slips away into the great Gulf of Mexico. Others simply like to celebrate the conclusion of another day. These are the people who gather on Friday and Saturday evenings for the Sunset Celebration at the Times Square area of Fort Myers Beach!

Key West

Photo Credit: Piqsels

“See you at Sunset!” This iconic phrase has embodied the spirit and history of Key West since the event took off in the late 1960s! Beginning two hours before sunset, it’s a celebration and view that has captured the love and astonishment of iconic figures from Mark Twain in the 1800s to Tennessee Williams in the late 20th century! The Key West Sunset Celebration invites everyone to partake in watching the glowing pink and red sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. The nightly festival hosts visitors from all over the world who come to take part in the magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, local musicians, artists, and food vendors that combine for an incredible cultural experience. It is a fusion of friends and talents that has captivated tourists and locals alike. This nightly party has everything any local or guest could ever hope to stumble upon. The beauty, history, and pure passion of this event have been immortalized in renowned art, stories, poetry, and photography!

Sanibel Island

Photo Credit: Piqsels

Beautiful sunsets are as big a part of Sanibel Island as the shelling, sand and surf for residents and visitors alike. Seeing a Sanibel Island sunset is a calming and peaceful experience that never gets old. Visit for tips and the best spots to view a Sanibel sunset.

Key West Express

Key West Express Sunset Collage.png

These amazing sunset photos were taken by guests aboard the Key West Express passenger ferry and can be found on our Trip Advisor listing, as well as many more!

Key West Express guests have been quoted as saying;

….The sunset was spectacular and we found ourselves going outside frequently on the way down to enjoy the scenery and experience the "ride". 

….Highly recommend! Such a relaxing way to get down to Key West for a day trip. Everyone was friendly and made sure you had an enjoyable experience. The sun set on the return trip was positively Gorgeous!

….The ride out of Key West with the sunset was awesome! 

….There is a deck for viewing the scenery/sunset and big spacious windows. While we are fortunate to live in Florida and have our own boat, we still found ourselves going to the top deck and gazing out of the windows... Incredible views!

So, if you find yourself in need of some Vitamin Sea and the only way to get some is in Key West, then let us take you to the Island Doctor!

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Hero Image Photo Credit: Piqsels

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