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The Conch Connection

Fun & Free - Key West in Two Days

Apr 9, 2021 4:16:57 PM / by Key West Express posted in Insider, Museums, Attractions, Activities, Outdoor, Tours, Information


Key West, Florida.... There is so much to see and do on this island oasis, the Southernmost Point of the United States. What to choose?  How to decide?  S.O.S! We're here to give you a hand with just a few of the best things to make the most out of your 2 day vacation.

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Key West's Southernmost Buoy - A Tale Throughout the Ages

Mar 22, 2021 3:08:40 PM / by Key West Express posted in Attractions, Waterfront, Walking Distance, Outdoor, Information


Definition of a "Buoy" - "an anchored FLOAT serving as a navigational mark, to indicate reefs or other hazards or for mooring".   The southernmost buoy's claim to fame is being one of the most photographed and visited attractions in the United States.  The buoy is an impressive 12' tall, 7' wide and made out of approximately 4 tons of solid concrete!

The current marker actually didn't exist until 1983 when it was commissioned and installed by the City of Key West and painted by local artist Danny Acosta.

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A First Timers Guide to Key West

Mar 12, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by Key West Express posted in Insider, Old-Town, Information

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So, you're thinking of a vacation to Florida's Southernmost Island, but you're not sure what to expect! The most striking thing about the island that you'll first encounter is that the populace is a little bit of everyone. Famous celebrities to the average Joe. Island natives who've never left the island to world travelers. And every walk of life in-between.  Sit back, relax and enjoy...it's island time.

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Your Key West Snorkeling Guide

Mar 8, 2021 5:23:39 PM / by Key West Express posted in Activities, Waterfront, Beaches, Outdoor, Sports, Information, Beach, Kids, Snorkeling

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Famed for its surrounding glistening, turquoise, crystal clear waters, Key West is an international destination for snorkeling, diving and fishing.   If you're like me, then you remember Jacques Cousteau and his fantastic underwater adventures.  Or.... If you don't know who that is (google him!!), then maybe David Attenborough and his modern day explorations into our undersea wonders, will thrill you.  

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What To Do in Key West - For History Buffs

Feb 4, 2021 11:00:00 AM / by Key West Express posted in Insider, Museums, Attractions, Activities, Walking Distance, Old-Town, Tours, Information


While Key West can't take the crown for the oldest settled city in Florida, it does have one of the more interesting and wide ranging historical pasts of almost any place in the state. Whether you're looking for tales of pirates, shipwrecks, US Presidents or Civil War era historical significance, Key West has a little bit of it all.

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Key West in a Day - For Art Lovers

Jan 26, 2021 3:22:15 PM / by Key West Express posted in Activities, Walking Distance, Lunch, Information

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Can I go for just one day? ...and the answer is YES !   This wonderful island oasis is a perfect escape for a day or an extended stay.  You'll just need to do a bit of pre-planning, so you're not wandering the island aimlessly.... although that can be fun too!

Key West's eclectic and colorful heritage has for centuries attracted great writers, artists, poets and musicians.  If you're an art lover, then Key West will certainly be right up your alley.

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Mario Sanchez - and his "Studio Under the Trees"

Nov 20, 2020 2:57:31 PM / by Key West Express posted in Insider, Museums, Activities, Information


Have you ever had a memory so vivid and real that you could put that visual memory, in every detail, to pencil and paper? Well, Mario Sanchez was just such an artist.

You may not have heard of him before, but you'll soon discover that Mario Sanchez was a man to remember and is a great part of Key West's historical and legendary art scene.

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Fun Family Vacation Ideas for the Whole Crew

Oct 21, 2020 10:52:22 AM / by Key West Express posted in Museums, Water Activities, Attractions, Activities, Waterfront, Beaches, Fort Myers Beach, Marco Island, Outdoor, Fort Myers, Information, Beach, Kids


126.1 million people visited Florida in 2018, making it one of the premier tourist destinations in the world.

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Five Best Couple’s Vacation Spots in Florida

Sep 11, 2020 12:49:26 PM / by Key West Express posted in Attractions, Activities, Waterfront, Beaches, Casual, Outdoor, Fishing, Shopping, Information, Beach


Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country, Florida offers endless vacation ideas for couples. From romantic getaways to luxury retreats, the Sunshine State has it all.

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Secrets You Don't Know About Historic Key West

Aug 28, 2020 12:53:14 PM / by Key West Express posted in Insider, Museums, Attractions, Activities, Walking Distance, Old-Town, Tours, Information, Beach, Kids


Key West is positively a real-life Shangri La! The tiny island is approximately 4 miles long and 2 miles wide however, it can keep a “history nut” occupied for hours, days…..even weeks! Whether your interest is in the original settlers and inhabitants, politics, nature, architecture, famous residents or visitors including poets, writers, singers or pirates and treasures, marine life or quirky culture, Key West will have something to pique your interest.

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